Category Definitions

Getting Started

Getting started is where we all begin, and it is the hardest trick that you will ever have to learn in kiteboarding but managing that first run on the board makes it all worth it!


A transition is a change in direction without having to do the water start all over again in the opposite direction!

Jumps and Popping

Popping is the board action used to leave the water to create a jump. Jumps and Pops are the steeping stone to a world of tricks.

Surface Tricks

Surface tricks are performed with the board on the water. Its always better to practice your skills on the surface before adding the jump and airpass!

Spins and Rotations

Spins and Rotations add variety to your jumps, they can be frontside or backside and include multiple rotations. They are the starting point to many other tricks!

Transitions – Advanced

An advanced transition is a normal transition with some style! Including a jump, rotation or even a kiteloop!

Board Off Tricks

Board off tricks are where the rider takes one or both feet out of the board during a jump. Also referred to as ‘old school’ and Airstyle.

Toeside Rotations

Toeside is where the rider is on the front edge of the board, rather than the rear heel side. Performing jumps from toeside opens up many more tricks so we gave it its own category!

Unhooked Jumps and Rotations

Unhooked Jumps and Rotations is when the rider performs the trick with the chicken loop out of the harness hook.


A kiteloop is when the rider loops the kite when in the air.

Unhooked Kiteloops

An unhooked kiteloop is similar to a kiteloop but the rider is unhooked during the loop.


An Invert is when the rider goes upside down in the air.


Raileys are a trick where the riders body is stretched horizontal and the board is over the riders head.


An S-bend is a railey with a backside rotation with the bar above the riders head.

Railey Handlepasses

A handlepass is when the rider passes the bar behind their back from one hand to the other.


Mobes are tricks where the rider is inverted and spins 360 degrees or more.


A hinterberger mobe is a railey with a frontside 360 rotation with the bar above the riders head

Tootsie Rolls

A Toeside frontroll with backside handlpass rotation swapping the bar behind your back.


Ditching the board straps to open up your body for strapless kitesurfing.


Hyrdofoil boards elevate the rider out of the water with a mast sticking out of the bottom of the board.

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