Our Mascots

Mascots are used to categorise our kitesurfing level from beginner to professional. We have split your progression to superstar into 7 levels, from managing your first run on the board to your first kiteloop, each stage has a super mascot that will see you through to the next level! So next time you’re on the beach and asked what level you’re at, it’s too easy!

Awkward Turtle (Starter)

Most of the starter stage will be spent learning to fly the kite while trying to stay up on the board. There will be a lot of crashes and getting dragged around by the kite but soon it will click and you will be hooked forever!

Happy Hippo (Beginner)

This beginner stage is managing to stay up on the board and learning the basic kiting skills. While unbalanced and not in control, you will be very happy to be finally up on the board and cruising up and down the beach.

Eager Beaver (Intermediate)

By this stage kitesurfers are competent on the board and really starting to enjoy the freedom of the sport. They will start trying their first big jumps, spins and rotations.

Crazy Croc (Advanced)

When you’re a Crazy Croc you are trying more complicated tricks, increasing the risk factor for a successful landing and attempting tricks that take that bit longer to master.

Smug Bug (Expert)

When you land these expert tricks you’re smug, real smug! Tricks at this level are more advanced and very risky to land at first. Mastering takes commitment and swallowing litres of salt water.

Mad Monkey (Professional)

Forget the salt water, have you still got all your ribs? These tricks are advanced and very technical…..you have to be a little bit mad to get here!

Flying Sheep (Superstar)

The……..”Oh no you didn’t tricks”…….a league of their own!

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